Clean, Safe, Perfect

From the moment you pull into our parking lot, you can see that Hero’s takes cleanliness seriously. There are no garbage cans, dumpsters or debris anywhere in sight. Sparkling windows and clean floors greet you as you walk into the Hero’s playground and are met by your Party Hero. Of course, they’re wearing a tucked in shirt and pressed khaki shorts, all clean and neat, because this is a special occasion – your child’s birthday! All the games work the first time, every time, and the inflatables are bright and dust free. Inside your private party room is an immaculately clean kitchen right out of the 1950s, 1970’s or 1980’s. Your child’s favorite music plays and the Pizza, Drinks, and Cupcakes are served fresh. The Party Hero cleans up the mess, freeing up Mom and Dad to take plenty of photos and videos of this special day. At the end of the party, everyone is smiling and the memories are already building. When the party’s over . . . everyone’s a Hero!