Our Story

We’re Nate and Brandi Smith, owners of Hero’s. We live in Waterville, Ohio, with our two kids, Aiden and Isabella, our two dogs and three cats, and one pesky goldfish that we won at a poolside game a year ago, and who just keeps hanging on. As you can probably tell, we’re entirely focused on our family, and that’s exactly what we love most about Hero’s. That it brings families together.Back in 2006, we took a family vacation to Atlanta, and while we were there we happened to take the kids to an indoor play space with inflatable slides and a bouncehouse. It was a blast, and we immediately wanted to bring that kind of family fun to Toledo. But we wanted more than just a place for kids to come and play, we wanted to create a place where celebrations made a lasting impression on children’s lives. After a lot of research, we found Hero’s, a business that combines the rewarding opportunities for organized play with the fun and excitement of inflatables all wrapped in the dreams of the perfect birthday party.We chose a property in the CrossRoads development and began construction in late 2006. It was exciting to see the space take shape and while we were waiting for the building to be completed, we decided to take our concept on the road. That whole first summer we brought our family fun out into the community, to homes, churches, schools and businesses. People loved our combination of face painting and balloon twisting artistry, with old-fashioned organized games like potato sack relay races and parachute games with inflatables. Especially since everything was well organized and executed by our friendly and terrific staff. That summer, Hero’s began to take shape.We built on our success, kicked into high gear, and completed Hero’s indoor facility, which opened in February of 2007. Our goal of bringing meaningful fun events to Toledo has been realized and today we provide families the opportunity to create lifetime memories with birthday parties and other celebrations. Along the way, we’ve learned that bringing our amazing staff-led games and activities to events and fundraisers out in the community has also been a ton of fun. Hero’s has grown and expanded. We added carnival games in 2010 and Laser Tag in 2012.

We believe children and families are a top priority in other people’s lives, just the way they are in our own. We spend a great deal of time with our children, enjoying travel and all the fantastic milestones childhood offers, just like you do. Isabella just lost both her front teeth this year, and the pictures are just a treasure. And as our business has grown, our family has, too. That’s because we think of our staff just like a big extended family. And we’re proud to say that staff members have graduated from college and are now working as teachers, dancers, nurses and lawyers, just to name a few.

Back in 2006, we had a goal — to bring family fun to Toledo. Little did we know just how rewarding it would be to realizing that goal.