Party Extras

Additional Birthday Child

Having a Party with more than One Birthday Child.  In order to make each Birthday Child feel special and to recieve all of the special Party Child Perks, there is a $15 for each additional Guest of Honor

Cost $15.00


Adult Food Package

Two large homemade pizza's and drinks for eight adults with unlimited refills.  All pizzas are made fresh on site.  If you are not sure about the numebr of adults, you can order this option during your party!

Cost $35.00


Balloon for Each Guest

Each party guest will recieve a standard latex balloon tied to a fun bendable toy.  This gives the party room a great look and is an alternative to goody bags.

Cost $2.50


Fruit Tray

5 pounds of fresh cut fruit that varies by season.  Great for parties with lots of adults milling around and kids might even like a few of the leftovers!

Cost $28.00



Ice Cream Cups

Want your cake and ice cream too?  Add Blue Bunny ice cream cups to your party.

Cost $1.00 per child



Large colorful "pull-string" pinata filled with candy and trinkets for party guests.

Cost $25.00


Tum-E-Yummie Drink Package

Every party includes your choice of soft drinks or fruit punch for the kids.  If you would prefer a healthier option that the kids will love, you can replace the pitchers and each child will get their own bottle of Tum-E-Tummie. Tum-E Yummies provides 100% daily value of Vitamin C and only 50 calories per bottle, with a spill-proof cap! The cost is only $1 per child!

Veggie Tray

5 pounds of fresh veggies and dip.  Usually consists of Brocolli, cauliflower,carrots, celery and tomatoes. 24 Hour Advanced Notice Required

Cost $28.00



A pack of 15 Invites mailed to your home for you to fll out and send.  Please note that the invitations are sized to fit into a standard envlope that is not provided.

Cost $7.50 per pack of 15