Day Camp Field Trips $259

Rainy day at day camp? Or, is there a new group of children just getting to know each other? Bring them to Hero’s for two full hours of fun! Your camp event will include 75 minutes of playtime for up to 15 campers all supervised by one of our Party Heroes.  Plus, the freshly-baked Pizza, fountain Drinks and delicious Cupcakes served in your private party room are all included.  And, camp counselors can use the last 20 minutes to hand out cabin awards, making a Hero’s Party the perfect beginning to a great summer camp season. Many other options are available and additional children are only $10 each.

Summer Camp Party Includes:

  • 2 Hours of fun supervised by our Party Heroes
  • Pizza, soda and cupcakes served in a private party
  • 75 minutes of playtime for up to 15 campers
  • Last 20 minutes camp counselors can hand out cabin awards.

$259 for up to 15 campers